Generally, I’ve been impressed with all of the products I’ve reviewed from Olight. However, I was blown away by the plethora of features and thought that went into creating the PL-3R flashlight. Of course, no flashlight is perfect as each user has their own needs. Nevertheless, I’ve put together the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie review to cover what makes this pistol flashlight so impressive. Suffice it to say, that this rendition of the Valkyrie flashlight line is the most impressive — at least to me — thus far.

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Olight PL-3R Valkyrie Keeps Turning Off

When Olight pistol flashlights ship from the factory, they are set to lockout mode. So, if pressing the on/off switch on the Olight Valkyrie PL-3R results in the flashlight immediately turning off when the switch is released then this is probably the issue. To disable the lockout mode and prevent the Valkyrie PL-3R from immediately turning off press and hold the on/off switch for 3 seconds. When the light switches from low lumen to higher lumen setting you’ve successfully exited lockout mode.

Installation Instructions

Pictured above are all of the tools and adapters that came with the flashlight for the purposes of the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie review. On the right side, there’s a remote switch for a rifle configuration that may or may not be included when you purchase the flashlight. But I don’t know whether Olight plans to provide that as incentive to purchase this light.

lock screw and allen key detail

Similar to other Olight flashlights, the PL-3R comes with adapters for different rail setups. However, unlike the Olight Baldr Pro and Valkyrie Turbo there is no swing arm to quickly disconnect the flashlight from your gun. Instead, you need an allen key to lock the Valkyrie PL-3R flashlight into place.

However, similar to the Bladr S BL and other Baldr models the Valkyrie PL-3R has an adjustable mounting bracket. For installation, first loosen the locking screw all the way. Next, move the internal mounting slide which adjusts the position of your light relative to your gun. The internal mounting slide may take some aggressive pushing to move.

Afterwards, press the mounting screw to expand the mounting bracket and attach the light to the rail. Finally, tighten the locking screw using the provide allen key to secure the light in place. If you fail to tighten the locking screw sufficiently, the light may wiggle.

Adding A Remote Switch To The PL-3R

One cool feature about this flashlight, is the adaptability of the platform. Simply attaching a remote switch onto the magnetic charging port of the Olight PL-3R  Valkyrie allows the flashlight to be used on long guns. If you want to attach this light to a rifle, I recommend looking at my write up on Odin GL Mini as the setup is almost identical.

Olight Valkyrie PL-3R Operation & Key Features

olight valkyrie pl-3r max lumen comparison

There are several operating modes for this flashlight. First, is the standard low lumen output. Second, there is high lumen output 2. Finally, there is high lumen output 1 which adds an additional 500 lumens.

Swapping between low and high lumens is relatively easy and involves double-pressing the on/off switch twice in rapid succession while the light is on. However, getting to the max lumen output setting is a bit more cumbersome. While the light is off, press the on/off switch 10 times with a press and hold on the last repetition. You’ll see the light emitted increase in strength — 2 flashes results in 1500 lumen output while a single flash results in 1000 lumen output.

Additionally, the Valkyrie PL-3R has a strobe effect which is activated by pressing both on/off switches simultaneously. Press either switch to turn off the strobe.

Battery Life, Weight,and Dimensions

size comparison with similar olight model

If you need longevity from your pistol flashlight, the Valkyrie PL-3R is somewhat lacking. Depending on your settings (low, high, highest lumens) runtime will vary. However, you can expect almost 2 hours of runtime using low lumens only and 45 minutes when using either of the high lumen modes.

Compared to the Baldr Pro R model, the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie model weighs in about 0.7oz lighter. Additionally, the Valkyrie comes in about a .25″ shorter than the original Baldr Pro. For all intents and purposes this flashlight drops in weight and size while still offering more features.

Olight Valkyrie PL-3R Durability

valkyrie pl3r post testing with american flag

Recently, I’ve been trying to do more durability testing on my flashlights. Therefore, as part of the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie review I ran the light through it’s paces. First, I tested whether this flashlight was water resistant. The instruction manual recommends against corrosive salt water specifically, Therefore, I submerged the flashlight in shallow water for 3 minutes and the flashlight maintained functionality.

Next, I dropped the flashlight from approximately 15 feet to see if the lens was compromised or the flashlight ceased to work altogether. However, the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie passed with flying colors.

Cons of the Valkyrie PL-3R

I’ve touched on several features thus far in the Olight vPL-3R Valkyrie review that I’m not thrilled about. First, I prefer the quick disconnect swing arm setup over the locking screw.

Second, enabling the highest 1500 lumen output mode is not feasible in a self defense situation. At least, not without prior setup. While impressive, I don’t know whether the additional 500 lumens on the highest output setting would make a world of difference in most instances.

Finally, the battery life on this Valkyrie model isn’t as impressive as other models. However, this flashlight is more than sufficient for self defense. But the limited runtime doesn’t make it optimal for training in low light situations.

Is The Olight Valkyrie PL-3R Worth It?

So what’s the verdict? At this point, I think the Olight PL-3R Valkyrie review gives you a hint about my thoughts. Although PL-3R has a few shortcomings, it’s one of the best pistol flashlight options available. It survived the durability testing no worse for wear. Additionally, the wide swath of options and the capability to add a remote switch make this a versatile gun light. During the 16th Anniversary sale, you can get both the flashlight and remote switch for just over $70 which makes this a steal, and definitely worth it!

Parting Shots

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