If you search through my other flashlight reviews, you’ll find my first ever pistol light review was the OLIGHT Valkyrie Mini. So, today I’m proud to present you with the OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo review. I’ve learned a lot since that first review but this review is a bit nostalgic for me. Hopefully the information below clarifies whether the Valkyrie Turbo is the right flashlight for your pistol or home defense firearm.

OLIGHT valkyrie turbo v baldr pro r

As you can see above, the Valkyrie Turbo is very similar in dimensions to the Baldr Pro R. Therefore, it seems to make sense that the price points are so close. However, there are some fundamental differences between the two flashlights.

Naturally, both pistols utilize the same rail locking mechanism found on almost every other OLIGHT offering. However, the rail lock is not the adjustable type found on the Baldr S.

But, you’ll notice there is no rotary dial on the OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo because that flashlight does not have an integrated laser. Additionally, the flashlight also functions differently. Both models have a strobe effect that can be achieved by simultaneously pressing the on/off switch on either side. However, the Valkyrie Turbo only has one light output setting, which means there is no high or low setting.

OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo Key Features

valkyrie turbo lens for increased beam throw

You may be wondering why I’m not saying that the Baldr Pro R is the superior flashlight, hands down? However, things aren’t that simple. Remember that this is a comprehensive OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo review and when it comes to beam throw, the Valkyrie Turbo is king.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical background to explain the wizardry behind this achievement. However, simply looking at the lens from the Valkyrie gives you some indication of what occurs. I can only speculate that the bulb and/or lens are the reason why this model doesn’t come with a laser.

To achieve illumination at a greater distance, the spread is reduced. Basically, a tighter beam means the beam reaches further. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s some “light” reading on flashlight beams.


3 yds.
7 yds.
10 yds.

Beam Diameter

~14 in.
~32 in.
~43 in.

Valkyrie Turbo Battery Life

olight valkyrie turbo review: battery life and battery type

Unfortunately, the Valkyrie Turbo falls victim to many of the same shortcomings of other OLIGHT models. Primarily, the unit gets extremely hot when running for extended periods of time. Overheating occurs with both rechargeable and battery operated flashlights.

However, the battery life for the Valkyrie Turbo outshines the Baldr Pro R. Both the Baldr Pro (not the Pro R) and Valkyrie Turbo utilize the CR123 battery. But, you’ll get roughly one extra hour of use-able light from the Valkyrie over the Pro R — which is a rechargeable model. Although the paperwork says “4 + 180 minutes” of runtime, the reality is that you can expect about 140 minutes of light with a fresh battery on the Valkyrie Turbo.

OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo Durability Review

olight valkyrie turbo durability

As I mentioned earlier in this review, the OLIGHT Valkyrie Turbo doesn’t have a laser sight. Therefore, I can’t test whether it will hold zero after taking a beating. However, I did drop the flashlight from about 15 fee high onto black top, and the flashlight lens did not crack. Short of a few scuffs and bruises, the flashlight worked fine. So, OLIGHT maintains their record of producing a durable pistol flashlight.

Parting Shots

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the OLIGHT Valkryie Turbo review and have gleaned some useful information about this pistol flashlight. Honestly, the best bang for your buck is still the Baldr Pro S if you want something rechargeable OR the Baldr Pro for a battery operated version. However, if you’re looking to practice distance shooting (or you live in a mansion) then perhaps the Valkyrie Turbo is for you.