Springfield Armory revolutionized the concealed carry game with the Hellcat platform. Unfortunately, most “micro” compacts lack sufficient magazine capacity in my opinion. Then, Springfield released the Hellcat Pro, which had a greater magazine capacity while still maintaining a relatively small frame. If you purchased a Hellcat Pro, here’s a list of the best Hellcat Pro holsters for concealed carry.

best concealed carry holster for the Hellcat Pro

If you read my article on the best holsters for the Springfield XDM Elite, you’ll know that I was super impressed with the Black Scorpion model then. Continuing with tradition, the CCW model for the Springfield Hellcat Pro takes the top spot. First, the Black Scorpion holster has the smallest profile of all the holsters tested for the Hellcat Pro.

Next, the open muzzle holster design is compact and easy to conceal. Additionally, the holster has more than enough clearance for any optic because of the low cut design while also providing complete coverage of the trigger guard. However, the one drawback of this holster is the inability to adjust ride height. Check out the gallery to see details and why this is one of the best concealed carry holsters for the Hellcat Pro.

2. DeSantis Pegasus Holster For The Hellcat Pro

one of the best concealed carry holsters for hellcat pro

Another solid holster option for the hellcat pro is the Desantis Pegasus IWB holster. Although this is contender for the best concealed carry holster for the Hellcat Pro, the Desantis Pegasus is slightly larger than the Black Scorpion. Because many of the other features are so similar, overall holster size was the deciding factor.

However, if the size is less of a concern this holster still utilizes posi-click retention and a single belt clip. Interestingly enough you can adjust the ride height by moving the belt clip down to the alternate position. But, if an open muzzle design is also important, then you’re better off with a different holster. But, this is still a good IWB holster for the Hellcat Pro.

3. Tulster Oath IWB Hellcat Pro Holster

tulster IWB holster for Hellcat Pro

Next on the list, the Tulster Oath holster provides a secure fit for the Hellcat Pro. However, the Tulster Oath features a metal belt clip which isn’t utilized on the previous holster models. Another major difference on this model is the holster claw which helps prevent printing when you concealed carry.

However, the holster claw increases the overall mass of the Oath holster. Similar to the Black Scorpion IWB holster, the Oath features a fully open muzzle design. Although it does have an adjustable ride height, the margins are minimal. Nevertheless, the Tulster Oath is still a good IWB holster choice for the Hellcat Pro.

4. BladeTech Total Eclipse IWB/OWB Holster

combination iwb/owb holster for hellcat pro

Next, we have one of the most interesting holsters for the Springfield Hellcat Pro. The Total Eclipse holster from BladeTech is a combination IWB and OWB holster. Simply swap out the clips to convert the holster. Although the holster is the bulkiest of the Hellcat Pro holsters, the versatility helped push this holster onto the list.

Another defining characteristic of this holster is the dual belt clip design. Unfortunately, ride height is not adjustable for this holster. But the benefits significantly outweigh the drawbacks which is why the Total Eclipse holster is one of the best concealed carry holsters for the Hellcat Pro.

The images in the gallery display the unique spring loaded buttons that control the ability to swap out belt clips.

5. Concealment Express IWB Hellcat Pro Holster

iwb holster for hellcat pro by concealedment express

If you’re looking for a no frills concealed carry solution for your Hellcat Pro, I recommend the Concealment Express holster. This manufacturer is what I use for my PK380 and it’s a simple and economical solution for your carry needs.

Firearm retention and holster cant are simple to adjust. Although it does not have many of the more unique characteristics of the other holsters, it does the job. Additionally, Concealment Express offers the cheapest holster for IWB carry of the Hellcat Pro.

Hellcat vs. Hellcat Pro

There are a couple of differences between the original Springfield Hellcat and the Hellcat Pro, including barrel size. Most notably, the barrel length increased from 3 inches to 3.7 inches between the original Hellcat and Pro versions impacting the overall pistol length. Although, the overall height of the frame is different many internal parts are interchangeable. Thus, the width of the pistol frame is very similar and won’t affect holster selection.

Will the Hellcat Pro fit a Hellcat Holster?

will a hellcat pro fit in a hellcat holster?

Unfortunately, the Springfield Hellcat Pro will not fit holsters designed for the original Hellcat. Because of the barrel length difference and slightly longer handgun, the Hellcat Pro won’t seat properly in holsters designed for the original Hellcat. Pictured above is a holster designed for the Hellcat OSP and you’ll notice the trigger guard is partially exposed.

Additionally, I was unable to achieve the posi-click lock when holstering. Therefore, you’ll need to shop specifically for holster models made to accommodate the Hellcat Pro. Furthermore, I also wouldn’t recommend holstering an original Hellcat in a Hellcat Pro holster.

Parting Shots

I’ve tried to provide an accurate and objective look at the holsters available for the Hellcat Pro. Although there are many commonalities between these holsters, what is important comes down to your preference. All of these holsters are “optic ready.” However, optics vary between manufacturers. Mounting plates or other modifications may be required for your setup that may not work with a specific holster. Additionally, I’ve tried to provide a complete view of these holsters. If you found the content helpful, please leave a comment — it helps me with future reviews. Thanks for stopping by, and carry on!