Got another advanced preview of OLIGHT’s newest product, the Baldr Pro. For the OLIGHT Baldr Pro review, I’ll be measuring the Baldr Pro against the Baldr S. Both flashlights are from the same manufacturer and the same product line. But the differences between them are clear. Which flashlight is right for you will depend on your own needs and wants. So, without further gilding the lily, lets cover the major differences between these two platforms!

comparing the OLIGHT Baldr S with the Baldr Pro

There are two major differences between the Baldr S and Baldr Pro. First, the batteries on the OLIGHT Baldr Pro are not rechargeable. Instead, you need to factor in the cost of battery replacement over the life of the unit.

Second, the Baldr Pro is significantly larger than the Baldr S both in physical dimensions and weight. Therefore, the type and size of handgun will determine which version of the OLIGHT Baldr line is best.

Additionally, there are more subtle differences between the two units which I’ll cover in more detail throughout the article. However, the power source and unit size are the most profound differences.

For compact and subcomact model handguns, I prefer the Baldr S slimmer profile. But, for full size models like my Springfield XDM (used in testing) I prefer the larger dimensions of the Baldr Pro.

Fitting The Baldr Pro On Your Gun

baldr pro flashlight parts label

Similar to every other OLIGHT flashlight I own, attaching the Baldr Pro to your gun is very straightforward. First, flip the swing arm (pictured above) forward toward the flashlight bulb to release tension. Next, press the swing arm to open the parallel rail adapter. Afterwards, fit the Picatinny adapter into the grooves on your rail. Finally, lock the swing arm back into place.

From the factory, OLIGHT installed the “GL” or Glock Picatinny adapter. If you’re having trouble fitting the Baldr S or Baldr Pro onto your gun, consider switching that piece out. Simply remove the two screws and replace with the provided adapter.

One key difference between the Baldr S and Baldr Pro models is the ability to move the parallel rail adapter on the unit. Consequently, the Baldr Pro is stationary and the switches are placed according to location on the rail. However, the moveable rail adapter on the Baldr S allows you to customize the on/off switch placement relative to your handguns trigger.

Operating The Baldr Pro Flashlight & Laser

Another functional difference between the Baldr Pro and Baldr S is the operation of the on and off switch. Although both flashlights have an ambidextrous switch, the Baldr S has a vertical switch (moves up and down). Contrarily, the Baldr Pro must be pressed to activate the flashlight and laser.

Next, lets talk about toggling between the laser and light. Both the Baldr Pro and S models have similar settings. You can either run the light (in low or high output), the laser, or both features together.

However, there is a subtle difference between the toggle switch. The Baldr Pro switch rotates between the three settings, while the the Baldr S has a sliding button. Additionally, the settings toggle switch on the OLIGHT Baldr Pro is easier to manipulate.

The location of the laser is another big difference between these two models. While the Baldr S laser is above the bulb within the unit, the laser on the Baldr Pro is screwed onto the bottom of the unit below the flashlight.

Baldr Pro Lumen Output

Both units have high and low lumen output modes. To change between low and high lumen settings, turn on the flashlight and double click the on switch. Additionally, the units remember the last setting of the flashlight when turned off. Therefore, if your flashlight was in high lumen output when turned off, it will turn on again in high lumen mode.

One feature of the OLIGHT Baldr Pro that outperforms the Baldr S is maximum lumen output. While the Baldr S achieves 800 lumens, the Pro model is roughly 1.5 times as powerful and generates 1350 lumens of light. Therefore, all of the measurements below are performed using the high output setting for this pistol flashlight.

How To Zero The Baldr Pro Laser

adjusting laser zero on Baldr Pro

If you’re looking to adjust the windage and elevation settings for the laser there are two adjustment screws (pictured above). Unlike the screws on the Baldr S, the directions aren’t labeled.

Therefore, to zero the laser on the OLIGHT Baldr Pro, rotate the first screw clockwise to lower the dot. Additionally, rotate the second screw clockwise to move the laser to the left. To raise or move the laser right, rotate the corresponding screw counterclockwise.

Battery Runtime & Power Details

Olight Baldr Pro battery type and install

Unfortunately, the Baldr Pro light loses points because of its power source. Unlike the OLIGHT Baldr S which has a rechargeable battery, the Baldr Pro relies on two (2) CR123A batteries. In case you are wondering I was able to pick these up at my local battery store for the purposes of testing. A 12 pack of lithium batteries for the Baldr Pro cost $37.09.

Although the Baldr Pro flashlight utilizes special batteries the difference in runtime is noticeable from full battery until completely dead. Below is a chart of the run times and flashlight settings for comparison with the Baldr S.


Max Lumens
260 min.
 90 min.

10% Lumens Until Dead
(5-6) hours
(5-6) hours

Initially, I figured the battery life would be terrible, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I picked up the “Nuon” CR123 batteries from my local “Batteries + Bulb” shop and those things don’t die.

baldr pro battery life testing

Beam spread @ 15 feet, low output setting, 8 hours into testing. Poster is 19×26″ for perspective.

Unlike the Baldr S battery which went from on to dead in seconds, the Pro version has tiered power bands. Initially the lumen output is maxed for the setting, but eventually conserves energy by switching to 10% bulb power until finally extinguishing.

Even though the lumen output suffers significantly after the first 4-5 hours of testing on the low light setting, there was still enough juice to muster adequate nighttime home defense illumination 8 hours into testing!

Cost/Benefit Analysis Baldr Pro vs Baldr S

So, lets get down to brass tax. Is the Baldr Pro worth the investment? Generally, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro retails in the $149 range and is a fine budget friendly option for a pistol flashlight. However, at the time of writing you can get that at a significant discount.

Alternatively, the Baldr S runs a bit less and retails at around $129. Personally, I think the Baldr Pro fits full-size handgun models the best. But, it really comes down to aesthetics, bulb power, and personal preference. Either flashlight is a good option for home defense purposes.

Regardless of what model flashlight you choose, be sure to apply the “EDCC10” discount code at the OLIGHT store to see if your choice qualifies for a 10% discount.

Baldr Pro Review Of Durability

Because I got some “thumbs down” reviews on my previous Baldr S video — without any explanation I might add — I decided to up my game for the Baldr Pro review. I used the traditional, “throw it against the tree method” to test durability initially. However, I ran over the flashlight with my truck this time to really test out the durability.

Without surprise, the flashlight held up to the abuse and held zero. I touch on a few minor concerns about the Baldr Pro (post abuse) in the video. However, the concerns are to be expected after being crushed by a 5000 lb. vehicle.

Parting Shots

Hopefully this OLIGHT Baldr Pro flashlight review has answered any questions you have. But, if there’s more information you want to know, please leave a comment below so I can share the answer with the community. As always, if you found the content helpful, please share with your social networks to help support the site.