Are you looking for a quality pistol flashlight without breaking the bank? If you want to stand out from the crowd, I highly recommend the OLIGHT Baldr S BL. This flashlight has many of the same technical specs as the Baldr S. However, I’ll cover these features and more in the OLIGHT Baldr S BL review. Suffice it today, if you want a good budget pistol flashlight, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Unfortunately there aren’t very many new features on the Baldr S BL from the original Baldr S. One key difference is the blue laser light instead of the traditional green. However, the OLIGHT Baldr S BL is not lacking useful and beneficial features found on the original model.

olight baldr s bl mounting rail operation

Adjusting the Light Profile

Instructions for adjusting the rail mount is simple and doesn’t require any tools. First, unlock the swing arm. Next adjust the rail mount the desired position. I’ve found it bet to actually place the light on your rail system before finalizing adjustments. Ensure you can easily access the switches using your shooting grip. Finally, lock the swing arm in to place.

Adjustable Laser Sight

Similar to the original Baldr S, there are two dials that control the windage and elevation on the side of the BL unit. An allen key is provided for you to adjust the laser. If your laser isn’t zeroed, you’ll need to adjust the unit to match your shot placement. The dials correspond to the direction you need the laser to move. So if your shots miss low, then you’ll need to adjust the elevation down.

Baldr S BL Operation Review

olight baldr s bl flashlight and laser diagram

Battery Runtime and Charging Time

Another feature on the Baldr S BL is the variable light output. Although the initial output on the high setting is 800 lumens it will only last 60 seconds until the flashlight decreases to approximately 37% operational output. However, the low output setting which is 100 lumens will last the duration that the flashlight is on. Below are the various runtimes for the different settings. The laser uses a minimal power to run.


LOW Light ONLY and with Laser
Laser ONLY
HIGH Light ONLY and with Laser


130 min.
5+ hours
40 min.

Beam Spread Over Distance


3 yds.
5 yds.
7 yds.

Inner Beam Spread

19 in.
38 in.
54 in.

How Much Does the Baldr S BL Cost?

Although the Baldr S BL retails for $129.95, it’s currently being sold for $90.97 on the OLIGHT store. Furthermore, plug in my code “EDCC10” to save an additional 10%. While the retail cost may seem expensive, you won’t find a pistol flashlight of this quality at a better price. Therefore, the OLIGHT Baldr S BL is an ideal budget pistol flashlight choice. Not only will you save on the initial cost, but you won’t need to waste money on batteries.

Parting Shots

If I only had a $100 budget to pick up a flashlight for my pistol, the Baldr S BL would be my choice. Not only is the OLIGHT Baldr S BL budget friendly, but the unique blue laser helps set your setup apart from others at the range. However, you’ll need to hurry because this sale won’t last long. But even if you miss this deal, you can still save anytime using code EDCC10 at the OLIGHTstore.