Today, I’m providing my durability and performance testing results for the newest offering from OLIGHT. Additionally today’s OLIGHT Baldr Pro R review has data on the best value between the Pro R, Pro, and S models. I’ve put this flashlight through the ringer so you know the strengths and weaknesses of this flashlight!

Comparing The Baldr Pro vs. Baldr Pro R

Between the Baldr Pro and R models, there are a few cosmetic differences, and a couple functional differences. First, the Baldr Pro R model is slightly longer than the regular Pro. However, the length does not affect performance. But, personal preference will dictate which model is a better fit.

Second, the Baldr Pro relies on batteries, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R 1350 lumen flashlight uses a rechargeable internal battery. Unfortunately, older model charging cables won’t work with the Pro R. But, I’ll cover that more later.

Finally, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R model has an internal laser but the Baldr Pro has an external laser. However, both lasers have adjustable windage and elevation adjustment screws.

If you’re interested in the original OLIGHT Baldr Pro, you can check out that review here.

Baldr S vs. Baldr Pro R

Like the original Baldr Pro, there are a few key differences between the Baldr S and Pro R models. First, the overall size of the Baldr S is significantly smaller. Therefore, it comes equipped with an adjustable bracket not present on the Baldr Pro R.

However, the biggest functional difference between these models are the lumen output and beam spread. Although the Baldr Pro puts out 1350 lumens, the Baldr S has an 800 lumen max. But, I think either is acceptable for home defense and most personal defense scenarios.

Finally, the controls on the Baldr S are a bit different from the Pro R flashlight. Instead of a switch (Baldr S) the Baldr Pro R utilizes a rotating dial. So, if you’re swapping settings on the fly the Pro R is a bit more intuitive and easy to operate.

For more details, check out my Baldr S review here. Remember, to always apply the code “EDCC10” to see if you’re eligible for an additional 10% discount at the Olight Store.

OLIGHT Baldr Pro R Review Of Features

olight baldr pro r weight on scale

I won’t go into the specifics on attaching the laser/light combo to your pistol. Instead, check out my review of the Baldr Pro which has the same setup instructions. However, I will talk about a few key features and the differences between the two units.

Baldr Pro R Feature Review

Just like the Baldr S, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R model has an integrated laser inside the body of the flashlight. Despite being encased in the body, the windage and elevation adjustments are easy to control.

In terms of dimensions, the Baldr Pro R model is the largest flashlight in the Baldr series by about 1/2 an inch. Additionally, the flashlight weighs in at 4.4 ounces and the weight has minimal impact your ability to aim.

Another unique feature is the rotating selector dial for the flashlight settings. Transitioning between settings cannot be easily accomplished while aiming down sight. However, the dial itself glides smoothly between flashlight, laser, or both. Additionally, the light defaults to the last used setting when turned off.

Finally, you can toggle the strobe mode by clicking both activation switches simultaneously similar to the Baldr Pro model.

Pro R Lumen Output & Run Times

If you’re wondering about the runtime or lumen output for the Pro R model, check out the chart below. While performing the test for the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R review I noticed that unlike previous models the actual runtimes were a bit less than advertised. However, the margins are extremely small.

Similar to the Baldr Pro, the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R has a tiered power band for lumen output. Personally, I did not notice the switch between these power levels. When the high lumen (1350) output is enabled, the tiered power bands are 100% to 37% to 22%. Below is the total runtime before the battery was completely dead.

Finally, I’m including the battery life for the strobe feature on the Baldr Pro R.



High Lumen – Light ONLY

51 min.

High Lumen – Light/Laser

47 min.

Low Lumen – Light ONLY

98 min.

Low Lumen – Light/Laser

88 min.


113 min.

How To Zero The OLIGHT Baldr Pro R Laser

olight baldr pro review: laser adjustment and charging

Similar to the Baldr Pro, windage and elevation adjustment screws for the Pro R model are not clearly labeled. The vertical adjustment screw is on the bottom of the Baldr Pro R flashlight and the horizontal laser adjustment screw is on the side.

To raise the integrated laser turn the vertical adjustment screw counterclockwise. Alternatively, to adjust the lateral placement of the laser turn the horizontal laser adjustment screw counterclockwise to move the laser right.

OLIGHT Baldr Pro R Problems

I encountered two main problems during the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R review that are worth mentioning. First, the charging cable from all previous OLIGHT models did not work with the Baldr Pro R model.

Apparently, the chargers are different despite looking identical. Unfortunately, the difference in maximum charging current is the reason the Baldr Pro R is not compatible with other chargers. Additionally, it seems that the magnetic surface was inverted on the Baldr Pro R. Therefore, make sure you keep the charging cable paired somehow with this light.

Second, there is a lockout feature on the Baldr Pro R model. Honestly, I don’t know why the engineers included this feature. Initially, I thought I had a defective unit. To disable lockout mode on the Baldr Pro R, press and hold both activation switches for 2-4 seconds until the laser or high lumen light turns on. Personally, I will never use this mode and the feature is not intuitive.

All of the OLIGHT units (Baldr S, Pro, and Pro R) tend to run hot if left on for a prolonged period of time. I’ve never burned my hand or anything, but it is worth noting if you’re shooting with one of the lights for an extended period of time.

Is The Baldr Pro R Waterproof & Durable?

durability and waterproof testing results baldr pro r review

OLIGHT Baldr Pro R results after water submersion and truck durability test

True to form, OLIGHT has made another durable flashlight and laser. Despite being run over by my truck…twice all functions on the flashlight still worked. Afterwards, I dropped the flashlight into a bucket of water to see if it could withstand being submerged in water. Turns out that even though it was run over before the water test, all settings on the flashlight still worked.

I’ll be uploading a video in a day or two of the tests so you can see the results. However, from my testing the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R is extremely durable and at the very least water resistant if not waterproof.

Parting Shots

All in all, this flashlight and laser combo is another solid offering from OLIGHT. Hopefully the OLIGHT Baldr Pro R review has given you more than enough information to compare with the other offerings from the company. If you’ve found this review helpful please leave a comment, share with your network, or support the site by using any of the affiliate links. Additionally, use the code “EDCC10” for future purchases for a potential 10% discount at the OLIGHT store. Thanks for stopping in!