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edc tools and other useful equipment

Whether it’s in your car, on the range, or at the office your kit is your preparation for whatever comes your way. Depending on the scenario, I carry different tools. My RUSH 24 backpack is loaded down different than my range bag. However, each piece I choose to include in my kit serves a very real and distinct purpose. Therefore, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the different pieces for each of my kits.

I’ve broken down each of my kits and assessed the tools based on several criteria. Depending on my own personal rating scale, I include them accordingly. Here’s a list of the criteria I use to determine the differences between my on person carry, everyday carry, and specialized carry.

  1. Versatility
  2. Ease of usage
  3. Construction Quality
  4. Carry Convenience

Tool Versatility

No matter the size of your pack, no EDC backpack or bag is big enough to carry everything. Part of constructing an everyday carry kit is whittling down to most useful tools in a variety of situations. However, not every tool on the list fulfills this criteria. Nevertheless, they are invaluable in certain situations or in specialized roles.

Therefore, I’ve tried to include when and where each tool is best utilized. For example, my Maglula speed loader doesn’t go in my EDC pack. But, you can bet that it’s included as part of my range bag. Contrarily, my Leatherman goes with me everywhere — including the range. My point is that just because a tool is specialized doesn’t mean it should be ignored. But ideally your core EDC kit will be comprised of multi-purpose tools and equipment.

Evaluating Ease of Usage

There is no one tool that accomplishes everything. However, the closest thing is a multi-tool. Generally, these EDC tools are straightforward to use and contain smaller versions of common everyday tools. Not all tools are easily navigable. In fact, some tools I’ve tested were downright confusing and left me questioning the designers ability. Therefore, it’s important that any tool be easy to learn and apply to make it into any of my kits.

EDC Tool Materials and Construction

Not all tools are created equal. In some instances, you may be able to get away with a cheap knockoff. However, in an emergency scenario, you don’t want to be relying on subpar craftsmanship. After all, there’s a reason that 5.11 Tactical, Gerber, Leatherman, and other companies of their ilk have become synonymous with everyday carry and concealed carry. Therefore, I try to provide insight into the quality of construction for each tool.

Is It Easy To Everyday Carry?

Whether a tool is easy to carry is subjective. However, I try to justify the inclusion of any tool in my kits by evaluating size, shape, and weight of the item versus it’s usage. Although you may not agree with may inclusion of a speed loader in my range bag, for me, the purpose it fulfills outweighs the space it takes up in my range bag.

Top Tools For Everyday Carry (And More!)

  1. Leatherman OHT MultiTool – One hand operation and an abundance of fixed tools make this the MVP of EDC tools. Quality construction from an industry leader. Read the review.
  2. Kershaw Brawler – A high quality folding knife made by an industry leader. One of the great EDC Tools for on person carry. Review coming soon!
  3. Maglite RL1019 LED Rechargeable Flashlight – Everything you want in your torch. Powerful, not too big or small, and phenomenal run time. All this from a trusted brand. Review Coming Soon!
  4. Maglula UpLula Speed Loader – A must for any range bag, this tool helps ease the burden of reloading pistol magazines, but isn’t part of my EDC kit. Learn More.
  5. Gereber Mini Prybar – Unfortunately, this pry bar is sold out on Amazon and they don’t know if it’s coming back. Sorry guys and gals…Review coming soon!
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My name is Mike and my goal is to provide you with all types of information for your everyday carry needs. Growing up the son of a Marine, I was raised to be prepared and adaptable to overcome life's challenges. So, whether it's setting up and maintaining your EDC bag, laws on concealed carry, or refining your medical kit we tackle the hard questions.

I am a concealed permit holder (for over a decade), a lifetime NRA member, certified firearms instructor, and a firearm enthusiast. Many of my friends and family are former or active duty military, and I have consulted with them on many of the topics I cover in this blog over the years.


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