I’ve needed a speed loader for some time. After using my buddies speed loader at the range I decided that at the very least this thing would save my thumbs on the reload. Eventually I settled on the Maglula speed loader. Honestly, it was due to the sheer number of positive reviews. However, I couldn’t be more happy with this small, light-weight, universal fit speed loader.

Parts And How It Works

The Maglula speed loader is comprised of three pieces. First, the main body of the speed loader which is made of polymer. Second, the reloading arm that extends off of the main body. Inside the arm of the Uplula speed loader, there is a stem that compresses the magazine spring. Finally, there’s a torsion spring that controls the compression and release of the reloading arm.

Additionally, there is a knob on the rear of the loader that allows you to easily unload a magazine. When the reloading arm is compressed, the arm on the interior presses down on the magazine feed ramp or bullet allowing enough clearance to insert the next round. Releasing the arm resets the Maglula speed loader and the process begins again. I’ll cover this in more detail below, with some illustrations to assist.

Speed Loading In Action

Speed loaders may vary slightly in design, but the purpose is to compress the magazine spring enough to load a round. Usually, this is the purpose of your thumb in reloading. However, using your thumb to reload a mag can lead to fatigue and with stiffer magazine springs can also pinch your skin. Fortunately, those days are behind you with the Maglula speed loader. Below is a step by step instructional for using this speed loader.

Fitting The Speed Loader Onto Your Magazine

On the top of the Maglula Uplula speed loader, there is a bullet symbol that indicates the direction in which you should place the loader atop your magazine. For clarification, the reloading arm should reside against the front of the magazine you are reloading. Additionally, the inside of the main body is tapered, to accommodate various makes of magazines and caliber sizes.

Compress The Reloading Arm and Magazine Spring

After fitting the Maglula onto your magazine, compress the reloading arm using the thumb holding of the hand holding the speed loader. You will need to maintain pressure on the reloading arm throughout the loading process.

Make sure the butt plate of the magazine is resting on a solid surface. Apply downward pressure to the entire Maglula speed loader unit. You should push until you can no longer lower the unit. The stem inside the reloading arm will push the feed lip or topmost round in the magazine down to allow the next round to be inserted. Also, the cross bar that rests against the top of the magazine will rotate out of the way, allowing you to load a round.

Release The Reloading Arm

Once you have loaded a round into the magazine, you will release the loading arm. The torsion spring will cause the arm to return to its original position. Simultaneously, the pressure on the main body of the Maglula speed loader will rise from the cross bar returning to it’s original position. Repeat the steps above for loading subsequent rounds.

Maglula Uplula Construction and Specs

The Maglula Uplula is a universal fit speed loader. Furthermore, it works with both single and double stack magazines of common calibers. I’ve personally tested on .45 ACP, .380 ACP, and 9mm. However, below is a list of the compatible handgun calibers:

  • 9 mm
  • .357
  • .380 ACP
  • 10 mm
  • .40
  • .45 ACP

The Maglula Speed loader is constructed of a durable lightweight polymer. Additionally, the only moving parts are the loading arm which houses the torsion spring, and the bar that runs above the magazine. The latter rotates out of the way when the speed loader is compressed against the top of the magazine. Both sections of the speed loader that interact with a round are denoted by the small bullet symbol depicted below.

Additionally, there is a small key ring that runs through the rear of the main body of the speed loader. This makes attachment to your range bag simple, I recommend a carabiner for easy detachment for usage.

Parting Shots

Hopefully this tutorial on the Maglula  speed loader has given you some insight into using this indispensable tool. If you don’t have this piece of equipment for your range bag, I highly recommend you pick it up. Do you have any experience with the Maglula Uplula speed loader, or any of the variants? Leave a comment about your experience below.