Tired of having to shoot your buddy or spouses full-size handgun? Feel like every gun you pick up doesn’t “feel right” in your hands? Below are my 9 picks for the best concealed carry handgun for small hands. I’ll cover size, weight, caliber, and other characteristics of these handguns that make them great for tiny hands in greater detail later. But, first lets cover problems and solutions for gun buyers with small hands.

1. Sig P365

Weight: 17.8 oz.
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Size: Microcompact (subcompact)
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Magazine Type: Single Stack 10+1

2. Glock 26/43

Weight: 21.7 oz.
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Size: Subcompact
Frame Material: Polymer
Magazine Type: Double Stack 10+1

(the Glock 43 is of comparable size but is single stack and lighter)

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

Weight: 18.3 oz.
Caliber: .9mm (other calibers available)
Frame Size: Compact
Frame Material: Polymer
Magazine Type: Single Stack 8+1

4. Walther PK380

Weight: 18 oz.
Caliber: .380 ACP
Frame Size: Compact
Frame Material: Cerakote (Polymer)
Magazine Type: Single Stack 8+1

5. H&K VP9 SK

Weight: 23 oz.
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Size: Subcompact
Frame Material: Polymer
Magazine Type: Double Stack 10+1

6. Springfield Armory XDS Mod. 2

Weight: 27 oz.
Caliber: 9mm (other calibers available)
Frame Size: Subcompact
Frame Material: Black Melonite (polymer)
Magazine Type: Double Stack 16+1

(also available in single stack .45 ACP)

7. Taurus G2C Millenium

Weight: 18 oz.
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Size: Microcompact (subcompact)
Frame Material: Stainless Steel
Magazine Type: Single Stack 10+1

8. FN 509

Weight: 26.6 oz.
Caliber: 9mm
Frame Size: Compact
Frame Material: Polymer
Magazine Type: Double Stack 10+1

9. Smith & Wesson 442

Weight: 14.7 oz.
Caliber: .38 Spcl +P (over-pressure)
Frame Size: subcompact
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Chambers: 5

Generally, people with smaller hands tend to have problems finding a pistol that “fits” them for one of the following reasons. First, the pistol grip is too thick and it can feel unwieldy in smaller hands. Second, the handgun can be too heavy. Finally, the overall length of the pistol can cause problems.

It is important to understand which problem a specific handgun causes you. Once you know the problem, you can identify solutions. Your ability to communicate exactly what feels off, will assist your FFL dealer in identifying the proper gun for your hand size and strength.

Fat/Wide Handgun Grip & Tiny Hands

glock vs walther mag well - small hands and grip thickness

Ever pick up a pistol and feel like you are gripping the wrong end of a baseball bat? If so, chances are that the pistol grip is too wide. For many, a grip that is too wide is the most common problem encountered with small hands. However, it is not always that obvious to tell that the grip is too large for your hands.

Another key indicator that a pistol is too large for your hands is when your trigger finger doesn’t rest properly on the trigger. Usually, this means that the fingertip will rest on the outer edge of the trigger.

Solution For Grip That’s Too Wide:

A quick remedy for a grip that is too fat, is to switch from a double-stack magazine to a single stack magazine. Because double-stack magazines are thicker, the grip on the pistol must also be larger. Contrarily, single stack magazines require a thinner pistol grip.

However, you’ll be able to carry fewer rounds in a single stack magazine. But it’s better to able to control the gun and shoot accurately than have more bullets.

Gun Weight & Grip Problems For Small Hands

Another problem those with small hands may face, is a gun that is too heavy. Generally, this will manifest itself in the form of a repetitive use injury. You may notice that your wrists and/or forearms are perpetually sore while maintaining proper shooting stance/posture.

Additionally, you’ll find it difficult to manage recoil and fire successive shots. If you find yourself constantly adjusting your grip in between shots, chances are the pistol is either too big in size or weight for your grip.

Solution: Switch To Different Frame Material

Solving the weight issue, could be as simple as finding a model that offers a polymer frame. Most pistols have a steel slide. So You won’t be able to save weight on this part.

However, most modern automatics already come with polymer frames (including many on our list). Therefore, finding a polymer model that fits smaller hands shouldn’t pose a problem.

Revolvers are a different beast. Generally, revolvers are constructed of steel and can be bulky (sometimes in excess of 40 oz). However, there are exceptions and they usually manifest in the form of smaller calibers. I’ve included a lightweight revolver at the end of the list for those who prefer the feel of a wheel gun.

Overall Concealed Carry Pistol Size vs. Hand Size

pistol size vs. grip size for smaller hands - comparing glock models

Finally, a gun may also be too large in size for your hands. Typically, this is characterized by a muzzle that is constantly dipping. Additionally, you may experience the same problems as a gun that’s too heavy.

Maintaining proper sight alignment on a gun that is too large for your hands is difficult. You’ll constantly feel like you’re fighting to keep the front sight elevated.

Solution: Size Down For Smaller Hands

Generally, you can solve the issue of gun size by scaling down to a compact or sub-compact model pistol. If you are unfamiliar with handgun sizes, I have an in-depth article covering the differences. Usually, manufacturers produce a comparable compact model of their more successful designs.

Best Pistols For Shooters With Small Hands

1. Sig Sauer P365

sig sauer p365 best concealed carry handgun for small hands

When it comes to paring down the size of a pistol, Sig Sauer has knocked it out of the park. Because of the single stack magazine design, the P365 has a slim grip profile. Additionally, the textured grip helps out for shooters with sweaty hands.

Besides having one of the slimmest profiles, the P365 is also the lightest automatic on the list (just under 18 oz.). Both size and weight aid in easy concealment. When it comes to the best concealed carry handgun for small hands, the Sig P365 takes the top spot! If you end up purchasing the P365 check out my list of holsters as well.

Beware, the P365XL is not the same size pistol, and is going to be taller and longer by about a 1/2 inch and 1 inch respectively.

2. Glock 26/43

glock 27 in small female hands, extended grip on magazine

What list would be complete without representation for the Glock community? Therefore, I present the Glock 26 chambered in 9mm.

The Glock 26 offers a double-stack magazine for toting around a few extra rounds. Pictured above is my neighbor and her Glock 27, which is the same pistol but chambered in .40 caliber. As my buddy always says about Glock designs…”like every other Glock, ever!”

Because of the double-stack magazine, the grip is going to be slightly thicker and overall weight is heavier than the Glock 43. It really comes down to which model feels most comfortable in your hands.

Either you get 4 additional rounds and a slightly heavier gun (Glock 26), or go down 4 rounds and save a little weight (Glock 43). Either way, the subcompact Glock models are great choices for concealed carry if you have small hands.

3. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

s&w m&p pistol for women with small hands

Head to any gun store or gun show, and you’ll no doubt find the S&W Shield represented. This popular pistol chambered in 9mm is another fine option for concealed carry for those with small hands.

Yet another in a long line of striker fired pistols, the M&P Shield is super easy and fun to shoot. With a barrel that’s just over 3″ this compact is on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Because of the single stack magazine, the Shield has a slim grip profile making it ideal for shooters with shorter fingers. Additionally, the textured grip aids in secure handling of the gun.

One of the lightest 9mm options on the list. The M&P Shield weighs slightly more than the P365 and is only outclassed by the next gun on our list. However, the M&P is a fine choice for a concealed carry handgun for small hands.

4. Walther PK380

pk380 in small hands of female shooter

Next, we have the unique Walther PK380 on our list of handguns for small hands. Why you ask? First, the PK380 is a hammer fired pistol as opposed to striker fired. Additionally, it has a double-action/single-action trigger. Although this has little bearing on whether it is suited for small hands, it is worth noting.

However, the overall weight of this handgun does lend itself to small handed shooters. Weighing in at only 18 oz. it is the second lightest handgun on this list. Additionally, the Walther shoots .380 ACP rounds which are smaller than their 9mm counterparts. This means you’ll save weight with a fully loaded magazine.

Similarly, the single stack magazine creates a handgun with one of the slimmest profiles on the list. These characteristics make the PK380 one of the best choices for a concealed carry handgun for small hands. To find out more about the PK380, check out this article.

5. HK VP9 SK

subcompact concealed carry pistol for small hands - hk vp9 sk

This offering from Heckler and Koch has a name more akin to a bar code than a handgun model. However, don’t be deceived by the cryptic name, this is an excellent subcompact pistol for concealed carry.

Similar to many other handguns on this list, the VP9 SK is a striker fired pistol chambered in 9mm. Furthermore, the VP9 boasts an impressive 15+1 capacity via a double-stack magazine. Although it may appear to be bulky, the firearm is surprisingly fit for concealed carry and also small hands.

Like the PK380, the grip is contoured to fit your hand which actually cuts down on width of the grip. Additionally, this is made more customizable with different backstraps.

However, with a weight just over 25 ounces, it is one of the heavier pistols on the list. Additionally, this pistol is on the upper limits of the “compact” size range with a 4 inch barrel. If you find that your muzzle dips with larger handguns, this may not be for you.

6. Springfield Armory XDS Mod. 2

small concealed carry handgun for a woman - springfield XDS

Next on our list, we have the Springfield Armory XDS mod. 2. For shooters who want the security of more rounds, the XDS has a double-stack magazine that caps out at 16+1 rounds with the extended grip magazine!

Additionally, the XDS has a fairly slim grip profile and a textured grip. To provide peace of mind, there is also a beaver-tail grip safety, similar to that found on a 1911.

However, a fully loaded XDS is going to be a bit heavier so there is a trade-off for those extra cartridges. Furthermore, the XDS is already a relatively heavy gun.

Unfortunately, the overall length of the gun is 6.25 inches which may cause issues for some shooters with smaller hands. Because of the length and weight of the pistol, it’s harder to concealed carry comforatably. Thus, why it isn’t higher on the list.

7. Taurus G2 Millennium

taurus millenium good gun size for a woman

Next, we have the Millennium G2C from Taurus which is getting back to the smaller pistol sizes you might be expecting.

Honestly, it’s not a bad gun and should probably be higher on the list. However, I didn’t particularly enjoy shooting this handgun and that is also a factor to consider.

Now, lets get to the specs. A compact light-weight polymer frame puts the Millennium at right around 22 ounces which is on par with other subcompacts. Additionally, this handgun comes chambered in 9mm or .40 cal should you require a larger round.

A single stack magazine makes the grip profile a good choice for both concealed carry and shooters with smaller hands. My father carries this in the pocket of his sweatshirt pocket, and is a testament to how easily this handgun is concealed.

8. FN 509

fn 509 with optic concealed carry handgun

Rounding out our list of automatics, we have the FN 509. A compact 9mm handgun that boasts a 15+1 double-stack magazine.

Despite the formidable capacity, the grip is surprisingly short. As far as sizing of handguns for smaller hands, this guy is comparable to others on the list which makes it a good candidate for concealed carry.

However, despite the polymer frame the 509 weighs in at a whopping 26.6 ounces. This is nearly 10 ounces more than the number 1 handgun on the list.

9. Smith & Wesson 442

smith and wesson revolver for concealed carry - perfect for small hands

At long last, I’ve got a revolver for you small handed shooters. If handgun capacity isn’t a concern, then the 5 chamber S&W 442 may be the right choice for you.

Weighing in at just a hair under 15 ounces, the 442 revolver is actually the lightest weight gun on the list. There are exceptions to every rule. No doubt, the shortened barrel length, a meager 1.8 inches, helped save weight.

Additionally, the absence of a hammer aids in trimming weight. However, the greatest weight saving is likely due to the aluminum alloy frame construction.

The rubberized grip helps those with sweaty palms and is partially contoured to the shooters fingers. It’s no wonder that according to guns.com this revolver is a best seller. If you are comfortable shooting a DA only, this is the best revolver for concealed carry handgun for small hands.

Parting Shots

Well, there you have it folks. A gun buyers guide for those of you with small hands and my top picks for your pistol. However, remember that a large part of finding the right handgun is how the pistol feels in your hand. Hold as many different models of handgun as you can at your local store before purchasing.

If you’ll be purchasing a handgun for the first time, I suggest checking out my first time gun buyers article. Hope you enjoyed the article. Remember to like and share this article if you know someone who could benefit from this information. Or just leave a comment if you have the time to help me out.