Having arrived on this page, I think it’s safe to assume you need clear cut instructions on how to disassemble the Walther PPQ M2. This information is great for anyone looking for a manual to field strip their PPQ for cleaning. There are really only 5 steps to disassembling the PPQ for cleaning, and they are outlined below:
  1. Clear your PPQ – Drop the magazine, lock the slide, visually inspect barrel
  2. Release the striker
  3. Move Slide Rearward and Pull down on the take-down catch
  4. Slide barrel forward and off the slide rails
  5. Remove recoil guide rod and spring
  6. Remove the barrel
Step 1:  How To Disassemble Walther PPQ M2
Prior to beginning a field strip, always ensure the weapon is empty. First, find the magazine release button. On a Walther PPQ, the mag release can be setup for either a right or left-hand shooter. Find the small circular button that is right next to the trigger guard. Pictured below is an example. Compress the mag release button to eject the magazine and set the mag aside.
Walther PPQ Magazine Release Button
Next, pull the slide back completely and lock the slide using the slide stop lever. Once this is done, the action is open, and you can visually inspect the barrel before proceeding.

2. Release The Slide And Reset Striker

Step 2: Release PPQ M2 Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever
Once you have inspected your Walther PPQ to ensure it is clear, release the slide to the forward position by pressing down on the slide stop lever. It’s worth noting that the slide stop lever is ambidextrous and can be accessed from either side of the handgun. At this point, the striker is cocked. However, in order to remove the slide from the frame, you need to release the striker to the forward position. With the weapon pointed in a safe direction, squeeze the trigger to release the striker to the forward position.

3. Using The Take-Down Catch

Walther PPQ take-down catch detail
Next, we need to separate the slide assembly from the frame. The manufacturer suggests that you can simply push down the take-down catch and the slide will move forward. However, I’ve found you need to move the slide rearward about a 1/4 – 1/2 inch and simultaneously pull down on the take-down catch.
Step 3: Overhand grip on PPQ for disassembly
I’ve found the best way to do this is by hooking your thumb under the rear of the pistol grip and using the remaining fingers to grasp the slide. Use the thumb to apply pressure forward, while using the other finger to pull toward the rear of the slide. You can see an example of the grip and force application in the above image.
NOTE: Pulling the slide too far rearward will cause the striker to set. In this instance, you will need to reset the striker before proceeding.

4. Separate The Slide From The Frame

Step 4: Removing The Slide From Walther PPQ
Once you have about 1/4 – 1/2 of the barrel exposed, pull down on the take-down catch. The take-down catch should seat in the down position. Afterward, you should be able to remove the slide. While maintaining pressure, ease the slide forward, following the guide rails until the slide separates completely from the frame.

5. Removing PPQ Guide Rod and Recoil Spring

Step 5: Remove recoil spring and guide rod on PPQ
Next, we need to remove the guide rod assembly. On the Walther PPQ, the guide rod and recoil spring are one unit. To remove the guide rod assembly, slightly compress the rear of the guide rod (the end opposite the muzzle) and lift up.

Removing The Barrel Of Your PPQ

walther ppq disassembly: barrel removal process
Finally, you need to remove the barrel from the slide. Move the barrel forward (toward the muzzle end) then lift up on the barrel. Next, move the barrel rearward to remove the barrel completely.

Congratulations, you’ve finished the disassembly of the Walther PPQ M2. You’ve successfully field stripped the weapon for cleaning purposes. Anything beyond this should be done by a gunsmith as special tools including a punch and gunsmith block are required. If you want to know how to further disassemble the Walther PPQ, here’s the company video.

How to Reassemble the Walther PPQ

Alright, so you’ve got this thing torn down to the tiny bits, and now you need to put it all back together again. Essentially, you’re going to do the reverse of everything I’ve described so far. Below are some of the pitfalls and difficult parts explained in more detail to help you piece your PPQ Humpty Dumpty back together.

Getting The Guide Rod To Seat

Walther PPQ barrel cutout for guide rod assembly

After you get barrel back into the slide, you’ll need to seat the guide rod/recoil spring assembly back in place. First, you’ll insert the fat end of the assembly into the slide on the muzzle end. Next, you need to get the back of the assembly in place.

Remember that when you removed the spring you had to slightly compress the spring to extract the assembly. Similarly, you need to compress the spring again to seat the spring and guide rod. On the barrel, there is a crescent-shaped cutout (see the image above). The small end of the guide rod will need to sit in that crescent cutout. With the slight compression of the spring there should be a click when the guide rod seats properly.

Attaching PPQ Slide To The Frame

ppq front slide guide

Once you get the PPQ slide put back together, it’s time to attach the slide to the frame. First, find the guide rails on the frame (pictured above). Working from the front of the frame to the back, move the slide so the grooves on the slide align with the guides.

ppq rear slide guide

Begin moving the slide rearward, until you are about an inch from the rear of the frame. At this point you will encounter some resistance and you cannot move the slide backward anymore. Compress the top of the slide down, to align the last of the guides. At this point the slide should return to normal function and the take-down catch will re-seat.

Parting Shots

Congratulations number 2! You’ve successfully field stripped the Walther PPQ and put it back together. Hopefully this has answered some of your questions about how to field strip the Walther PPQ. Was something not covered here that you’d like to see? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer. If you’re looking for some sweet new holsters for your pistol, check out the list of the 7 best holsters for the Walther PPQ.