My buddy picked up a Walther PPQ M2 subcompact at the last gun show we attended, but didn’t pick up a holster. To use his words; “I’m pretty picky about my holsters.” So together we set to the task of finding him the best holster for the Walther PPQ M2. We tested everything from kydex to leather holsters. Additionally we tested both IWB and OWB holsters for the PPQ. Because this is his EDC pistol, we really wanted to find the best concealed carry holster for the PPQ. Below is a list of the 7 best holsters for the Walther PPQ M2.

  1. CompTac Infidel IWB Hybrid Holster
  2. Vedder Light Tuck Walther PPQ M2 Kydex Holster
  3. Bravo Concealment Walther IWB Torsion Holster
  4. DeSantis OWB Leather Holster for PPQ
  5. Comp-Tac MTAC IWB Holster
  6. Urban Carry PPQ M2 Modular REVO holster
  7. Hidden Hybrid IWB holster
  8. Inforce APLC IWB holster (flashlight capable)
best holster for walther ppq m2 - comptac infidel hybrid iwb holster

CompTac Infidel Hybrid IWB Holster

Price: $$$$$

Material: Leather/Kydex

Draw: Right

best concealed carry holster for walther ppq m2 - vedder iwb light tuck

Vedder Light Tuck IWB Kydex Holster

Price: $$$$$

Material: Kydex

Draw: Right

comfortable iwb concealed carry holster for walther ppq - bravo concealment kydex

Bravo Concealment IWB Holster

Price: $$

Material: Kydex

Draw: Right

best owb leather holster for walther ppq m2 - desantis thumb break

Desantis OWB Thumb Break Leather Holster

Price: $$$$

Material: Leather

Draw: Right/Left

one of the best concealed carry holsters for ppq - comptac mtac iwb holster

CompTac MTAC Kydex IWB Holster

Price: $$$$

Material: Leather/Kydex

Draw: Right/Left

best holster for ppq for big guys - urban carry iwb holster

Urban Carry Modular REVO IWB Holster

Price: $$$

Material: Leather/Cloth

Draw: Right

walther ppq concealed carry holster - urban carry iwb

Hidden Hybrid IWB Holster

Price: $$$$$

Material: Leather/Kydex

Draw: Right/Left

ppq holster with light or red-dot on picatinny rail - Inforce IWB holster

Inforce APLc IWB Kydex Holster
Honorable Mention

Price: $$$

Material: Kydex

Draw: Right/Left

best iwb holster for walther ppq concealed carry - comptac infidel

It was a tough choice between the number one and two spots for the best Walther PPQ holster. Ultimately, the superior comfort of the Comptac Hybrid holster was the deciding factor. The single clip IWB holster is incredibly comfortable and can be worn in almost any waitsline configuration. I think the CompTac is good for appendix carry, it’s better suited to a hip or 3/4 carry position.

However, the holster isn’t perfect. While there are ride height and cant adjustments, they are a bit mediocre. Two screw holes control both cant and ride height. Both of these, as well as pistol retention can be easily adjusted using an Allen key (not provided). If you’re interested in more detail find the review here.

Pros: Leather backing makes the holster super comfortable, easy to put on and take off

Cons: Oversize clip requires a larger/thicker belt, no click lock retention, ride height and cant adjustments minimal

2. Vedder Light Tuck IWB Concealed Carry Holster

one of the best concealed carry holster for Walther PPQ M2 - Vedder Light Tuck

A close second on the list of best concealed carry holsters for the Walther PPQ is the Vedder Light Tuck. This IWB holster is suprisingly comfortable for a kydex molded holster. Additionally, the click lock retention is a nice feature. Furthermore, the holster has adjustable cant with a cresent groove for fine tuning and retention adjustment. All of this is accompanied by a lifetime warranty!

Similar to the CompTac Hybrid holster, there are a few issues. First, this holster is one of the more expensive models on the list. Additionally, there isn’t a ride height adjustment. Unfortunately, the sturdy clip can make moving and taking off the holster a task if your pant sizing isn’t right.

Pros: Click lock retention, adjustable cant and retention, lifetime warranty

Cons: Needs soft backing to increase comfort, no ride height adjustment, clip can be difficult

3. Bravo Concealment IWB Holster for PPQ M2

best holster for walther ppq m2 - bravo concealment appendix carry shot

Another good option forand  IWB concealed carry holster is this holster from Bravo Concealment. Without a doubt this holster is going to be the best bang for your buck considering the price point. Additionally, the slim profile this holster offers makes it easily concealable. Regardless of whether you prefer to carry your PPQ on the hip, or appendix carry this holster is surprisingly comfortable. The dual clips are surprisingly useful in securing your handgun in place, but are also easy to un-clip when removing the holster.

Pros: Dual clip secures holster to belt, minimalist design prevents printing. Click lock ensures firearm is seated in the holster. Ride height adjustment.

Cons: No cushion or backing. Could benefit from holster wedge. No cant adjustment.

4. DeSantis OWB Thumb Break Leather Holster

best OWB holster for walther ppq M2 - desantis thumb break

The Desantis leather holster is one of the best holsters for open carry of your Walther PPQ M2. Unfortunately, getting the holster strap in place is a bit difficult the first couple times but breaks in easily. However, the retention strap can rub the lower abdomen while sitting. However, this holster isn’t without its charms. The multiple loops allow for cant adjustment, which isn’t always an option for leather holsters.

Pros: adjustable cant (multiple loops), easy break in of retention strap and snap release

Cons: Not good for concealed carry, no adjustable ride height, tight initial fit for Walther PPQ M2

5. CompTac MTAC IWB Holster

Walther PPQ M2 IWB Holster - MTAC

Another fine option for your holster is the CompTac MTAC. This IWB holster sports a leather backing for comfort, with a kydex/polymer shell molded to the Walther PPQ M2. This is very similar to the top holster on the , but with a larger profile. The MTAC holster is offered in both right and left hand draw orientation.

It’s likely you’ll need to modify the retention screws since the factory settings were a bit snug on the PPQ M2. However, this is easily accomplished with the Allen key provided. Additionally, the biggest issues were the problems re-holstering the weapon due to the cutout on the molded portion of the holster.

Pros: Right and left hand draw orientation, dual construction leather/kydex, adjustable retention using hex screws. Ride height and cant are adjustable by moving holster clip location vertically.

Cons: A bit bulky for a minimalist design. Extra space on the molded shell can cause the slide/muzzle to snag when re-holstering the weapon.

6. Urban Carry Walther PPQ M2 REVO IWB Holster

best concealed carry holster for big guys with walther ppq m2 - urban carry iwb

One of the more unique holsters for the Walther PPQ is the Urban Carry IWB holster. This holster delivers comfort in droves. However, this comfort comes at a cost. Unlike the top spots for the best PPQ holster, the Urban Carry design is incredibly bulky. Additionally, the bulk adds to the weight.

Fortunately, the dual clip design helps distribute the weight of the holster and pistol. This is probably the best concealed carry holster for bigger folks. Furthermore, there is both cant and ride height adjustments. The leather part of the holster is held in place with both snap buttons and velcro, simply remove and adjust.

Pros: Larger holster well suited to larger folks, adjustable cant without tools, adjustable ride height with hex screw

Cons: Bulky design tough to conceal for some folks, no retention for your pistol

7. Hidden Hybrid IWB Holster

hidden hybrid IWB holster for Walther PPQ

The final option on the list of best concealed carry holsters for the Walther PPQ is the Hidden Hybrid (OWB/IWB) holster. The suede backing makes for a comfortable fit. Additionally, this serves double duty as an IWB or OWB holster option. Both ride height and cant are adjusted by moving the position of the dual clips. All adjustments can be made with a Phillips head screwdriver.

However, the large profile of this holster may be a bit much for some to concealed carry folks. Additionally, moving the holster laterally when using the metal clips can be difficult. Finally, when using this as an OWB holster with the belt loops, ride height and cant are not adjustable.

Pros: IWB (clips) or OWB  (belt cutouts) setup, adjustable retention, comfortable suede interior

Cons: Friction retention only, overall size is large, not appendix carry compatible, ride height and cant adjustments for IWB setup only

Worth A Mention: Inforce APLc IWB Kydex Holster

holster for walther ppq with flashlight or red-dot - Inforce IWB holster

Usually, I wouldn’t include a holster like this on the list due to simple construction and lack of customization. However, it is one of the few holsters for Walther PPQ with a flashlight. The bulk of the holster is likely due to allowing for picatinny rail attachments. The holster material is thin. While you can adjust the retention of the holster, ride height and cant are not options.

Quick Reference: Holsters For Walther PPQ M2

IWB Holster vs. OWB Holster

Because the PPQ has a double-stack magazine, the grip is wider than some other Walther models. If you intend to conceal carry this pistol, you’ll need to size your pants appropriately for an IWB holster. All of the holsters tested above did not contact the ambidextrous mag release button. Whether you are looking for a left or right hand holster, these should all be compatible with the PPQ M2.

Should you opt for an OWB holster like the DeSantis Thumb break or Hidden Hybrid, you’ll need to ensure you wear a loose fitting shirt to conceal the profile of the PPQ. Additionally, the ride height of the OWB holsters on this list require an undershirt to prevent chaffing/rubbing of the holster backing against skin.

Concealed Carry Holster Positioning

The CompTac Infidel and Vedder Light Tuck are good holsters for appendix carry with the Walther PPQ. However, the Bravo Concealment holster is the best holster for appendix carry of the M2 because of the ride height adjustments. You’ll need to balance your requirements for comfort, retention, and conceal-ability when selecting a concealed carry holster in the appendix position.

 All of the remaining holsters are best suited to hip carry or 3/4 carry. While some of these models may be adapted to other position during my tests, this seemed the most comfortable carry position. Changing the cant angle of the holster can smooth out your draw, so pay close attention to those holsters that are easily adjustable.

Choosing Holster Material

Many of the best holsters for the Walther PPQ M2 come in hybrid setups. Usually, the holster backing is a softer material to increase comfort. Of those listed above, several have leather backings, while others have a suede or breathable mesh holster backing. However, the actual holster is either kydex (or some plastic polymer) or leather. Deciding which is best for you will come down to personal preference. Generally, kydex holsters are molded to the Walther PPQ’s profile. Some of the leather holsters are as well, but the material may require a break-in period before you can draw the weapon smoothly.

Pistol Retention Of Holster

Many of the above listed concealed carry holsters for the Walther PPQ have a molded kydex shell. Generally, I prefer the click lock retention systems to ensure the weapon is seated properly in the holster. However, many prefer holsters that rely solely on friction retention. All of the holsters (excluding the Urban Carry model) have molded shells specifically for the Walther PPQ. This holster feature assists with pistol retention regardless of construction material. Additionally, many will also have another form of retention, such as the aforementioned click lock or a retention strap. Choosing your method of retention for your M2 largely depends on personal preference.

Parting Shots

Finding the best holster for the Walther PPQ M2 is about more than cost and material. I’ve attempted to take much of the guesswork out of choosing a holster. If you have a question about one of the models, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Whichever holster you decide is best, ensure it is comfortable to wear. Make sure that the holster you choose has the options to adjust the important features like ride height or cant to ensure a smooth and quick draw.