With so many handguns on the market, how do you choose the right handgun for your needs? If only someone developed a quiz to find out what handgun is right for you. Well, I’ve developed a series of questions to help narrow down your choices for which handgun best suits you. Answer the multiple choice questions with the option that most closely relates to you and reveal your ideal handgun.

But first, I’m going to break down each criteria of the results so you can better understand what your quiz results mean!

First and foremost, this quiz will designate a type of handgun that is ideal for you. After you complete the questions, you will either be in the revolver or the automatic reloader camp. I’ve written a handy comparison of the two types of handguns for additional reading.

If you are team “automatic” here’s what it means. First, you’ll be using a magazine to store your rounds. This makes reloading a breeze and means you’ll likely be able to carry more rounds than a revolver. Second, automatic reloading pistols eject spent casings with each cycle (a.k.a. every time you fire a round).

However, revolvers are a bit different from automatics. Revolvers have a set number of chambers that house the cartridges and spent casings are emptied manually when you need to reload.

Quiz Analysis: Choosing The Right Handgun Size

Another portion of the quiz for choosing the right handgun will determine the right handgun size for you. Your grip strength, hand size, and habits will impact which type of handgun size is ideal. There are 3 different handgun sizes; micro/subcompact, compact, and full-size. Each size is progressively larger than the last and has many implications which are covered in more detail on the quiz results page!

What Handgun Caliber Is Right?

Finally, this quiz will reveal what caliber would work best for you. Like handgun size, a number of factors help determine the proper caliber size for you. Although there is some overlap in criteria a smaller handgun does not necessarily mean a smaller caliber meets your needs.

The biggest difference between caliber size is the perceived recoil. Larger caliber rounds will have greater recoil and medium to smaller rounds will have less. Bullet grain and powder grain are the determining factors when choosing the ideal round for your handgun.

Quiz: What Handgun Are You?

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